Sunday, January 26, 2014

Un Monde Sans Danger

For my group's innovation project, we want to paint our school's parking lot with inspirational messages on each parking space.  It won't look exactly like this, and we probably won't use this quote, but here's an example:

Here is one that a group member posted on our Facebook page that I found simply amazing:

The purpose of this project is to help improve our student's attitudes towards the school day ahead of them.  Many who drive to school, such as myself, need a slight mood lifter before starting six hours of nonstop sitting and trying to pay attention to their teacher's lectures.  I'm not exactly a morning person, and yet I have to wake up every morning at 6 AM.  My mom is used to me being grumpy and not wanting to talk at all during breakfast.  During zero period through second period, I am usually still a walking dead.  It's tough being a student, but a small gesture or a few words can always bring a smile to someone's face.  

In addition, our school doesn't really have anything artsy or unique about it, and so something like this would be a great addition.  So far we've gotten approval from our school principle and are working on a proposal for our school district.  In addition, we've counted how many parking lots to makeover (100 total), measured the height and width of each space, and decided how and where we will paint the messages/drawings on the lots.  

If you would like, please follow us!~ 

Here's a group member's blog post about this project!:

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